Friday, 19 April 2013

Makeup on a budget!

So again I went into my local Poundworld and picked up some goodies! You will always find some cheap makeup brands such as Rimmel, Sleek, Maybelline and Revlon. Everytime I pass, I have the urge to go have a sneak peak what they have to offer. You can also find cheaper brands sold in savers, body care & other pound shops too.
I picked up a sleek mascara in 'black' I have never seen this mascara in Superdrug before but having tried sleek products before I was excited to see what this mascara had to offer. I love the brush it is easy to use and gives you great length to your lashes, defiantly worth the price.
I then seen two lipsticks, one from Rimmel and the other Sleek. I have picked up a few Rimmel lipsticks from Poundworld before but they haven't been the best of colours. I was also skeptical about buying a nude lipstick as The ones I have bought before were not nice but I really Love the colour and constancy of this. For a £1 you cannot complain! And since wearing it I have had many compliments on my lips!
I did not realise how dark the sleek lipstick was until I opened the packaging but it still a pretty colour and it is super soft on your lips.
Last but not least Is the nail polishes. I always pick as many up as I can when I go but they only really had 2 colours that caught my eye. Firstly the NYC Spring Street, This is the perfect colour for this spring and it is very pigmented, I love it so much and cannot believe the bargain! I purchased another Rimmel nail polish too, this time in a deep blackcurrant  So perfect for when you are in a rush and need a quick manicure as it dries quick and only needs one coat to look good!

Have you purchased anything from a pound or dollar shop? They have some amazing bargains.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Spring Nails

Since the weather is getting (a little) better, I thought I would share some of my favourite spring nail polishes. I usually go through phases of dark's to lights and recently I have been loving pastel light colours. I am loving Revlon's blue lagoon and natural collections antique coral, These are so perfect for spring and great with a tan. Barry M's strawberry nail paint is super cute but may take a few coats. All these brands and colours are long lasting which is a bonus. I am loving miss sporty quick dry nails, these are perfect for summer as they basically dry within a minute and hardly chip. The lilac shade is beautiful an suits any skin tone.

Has anybody tried these nail polishes? What is your favourite colour to wear this spring?

Saturday, 13 April 2013

DIY - Hair Chalk

So I recently Purchased some hair chalk from eBay , As I have seen this advertised everywhere for instant wash in and wash out colour, I defiantly was excited to try them. As a teenager I was forever dying my hair as many colours as possible so I think it's a brilliant idea to create instant colour without damaging your hair.
It is fun, inexpensive and you can be as experimental as you want so It's defiantly worth checking out!

I received a pack of 12 chalks ranging from red to blue to pink. Mostly My Favorite colours so you could imagine I couldn't wait to get stuck in.

Using hair chalk can be very messy so if your going to do it make sure you wear an old t-shirt and have plenty of wipes around! also use an old towel that you don't mind ruining ha ha.
Because I have fairly medium length hair, I decided to use the chalk on my hair extentions.

So to chalk your hair or extensions, these are the essentials you need. Cleansing or baby wipes, A comb, Hair clips, Straighteners and your chalk.

Section your hair into 2 or more depending on how thick you want the strand of hair to be. I used these clips to section and split the extensions into 2. Again this will probably depend on the length, style and quality of your hair.
Before you begin to chalk, make sure you condition your hair. It makes it extremely dry and can knot so be careful when brushing. Make sure you have a comb or brush on hand.

 Take whatever chalk you are using and begin rubbing it onto the piece of hair. If you have darker hair then you should use a spritz of water, this will make the colour pop! You can go over the hair as much as you want, depending on how intense you would like the colour. Rotate the hair so you and get every strand!

If your only using one colour then you can leave it how it is, make sure after you have chalked to comb it.
If you decide to use a second colour like me then do the exact same, but make sure you blend those edges.

Once you have applied your chalk, Take your hair straighteners or curlers and go over the hair. This will make the colour stay extra long until you wash your hair. You can then add a little bit of hairspray. Be careful though, the chalk can make you hair super dry. Use either a oil or conditioner to make sure your protecting it.

And this is what the final result looks like! I decided to only use a little colour but you can be as intense as you want. It is such a simple and easy thing to do and you can be as creative as you want and use as many different colours! This lets you have a little change without wrecking your hair and having to re-dye it each time.

You can buy hair chalk here:

Has anybody tried this? I would love to know your opinions :)

Thanks for reading

Friday, 12 April 2013

My week in nails!

Hey everyone

I thought I would begin a weekly post of 'my week in nails'. Since I like to give myself a few manicures a week, I thought I would share with you my easy on the go nails.

Plain White false nails - Ebay//Red Glitter - Barry m 150
Products Used: No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour - Jammy (Base) //Topshop Nail Art Pen - Hustle (white dots)//Topshop Clear star glitter(topcoat)

Barry M Gelly HI-Shine Nail Paint - Lychee

Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Barry M - Gelly Hi-shine Nail Paint Review

So recently the Barry M Gelly nails have been ever so popular and I have been dying to try them!
I went into Superdrug and had a look so see what Barry m goodies they had on offer and their Gelly Paints just stood out, looking pretty and shiny.
I decided to try the colour 'Lychee', I never choose nude polishes so I was excited to try this beautiful colour.

 So firstly, I love the packaging, Barry M always get their nail polish packaging right. The colour looks a lot lighter in real life than on these photos, A beautiful light nude tan colour, perfect for summer and even great with a tan.
Although I love the look of this polish, I'm not so keen on the consistency. I find every light colour I use, it is impossible to get the right coat and finish on my nails, does anybody else find this? I used 2 coats to get this consistency and to me it still seems slightly streaky.
The finish is rather shiny compared to your average polish but nothing to rave about, Maybe it is just this colour so I'm desperate to try others. It also took forever to dry, I would say I waited at least 30 minutes before I could actually use my hands without them smudging. This is probably okay for some but I am a fast dry type of girl, I can be very impatient and cannot be bothered waiting around for them to dry!

Overall I did love this product, the colour is beautiful and one of the best nude colours I have seen for a high street brand. The only fault that it is highly time consuming and does not give you the perfect finish which really disappointed me, but I would try this again and maybe next time I might begin to love it even more.

Have you tried any of these nail paints? What are your thoughts? I would love to know.

Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Banning those blemishes!

Although I have never suffered from spots, I have always suffered from blemishes! The bane of my life.
For years I have struggled to get rid of the redness and blemishes in my skin and I have tried many products in the past which have always failed.
For the past year I have hardly had any blemishes and I have a totally different skin care regime, I found this has worked sooo much and I'm a lot more happier inside now I have blemish free skin, yippee!

Please excuse the dirt, They are makeup wipes at the end of the day ;)

So after removing some of my makeup with these I then move onto cleansing pads! I use the Clearasil Daily clear, deep cleansing pads. These are my ultimate Favorite things to use everrrr. This removes all dirt and makeup and leaves you with fresh skin. Although at first your face can look super red and may sting, this will calm down within 10 minutes and by the next day my skin is always silky smooth :) I always use these before bed rather than in the morning as they might be a little harsh.

Another product I always use for blemishes has to be my moisturiser. This one I found to work amazing, This tightens and wakens up the skin. Not only do I love this for my blemishes I use it as my everyday moisturiser, I cannot rave any more about product, It simply fab!

Last but not least I find using honey is a great skin remedy, you can make great homemade face masks including honey and other things in your fridge that are just as good as high end treatments. 

Do you have any skin care products you recommend? Or what do you find works amazing? I would love to know :)
So I always always use cleansing wipes before any cleanse, I use Home Bargains 2 for £1 cucumber wipes. They work amazing and the fragrance leaves your skin with the most amazing smell (my boyfriend always compliments my skin when using these). I use them religiously  to take my makeup off, remove eye makeup (which can be a killer) and I even use it to clean my shoes ha ha!

Eating clean day 2! - Positive thoughts

Hey everyone

So day 2 of eating clean and I'm feeling more positive than ever.

For breakfast I had 2 pieces of wholemeal toast and low fat butter with a light fried egg. I was going to poach my egg but I resulted to quickness tutut! I really fancied a bowl of fruit with yogurt but I need to do some shopping :(

For lunch again I'm having Low fat hummus and 1/4 home made garlic bread made again with low fat butter. Not so healthy but this clenches my hunger for the rest of the day so I feel more full, and its so tasty!

For tea I'm having fish, Usually I have chicken as I only eat white meat but I'm finding that I am becoming so bored with it! Fancy something exciting and yes fish is exciting to me ha ha , something I never have but desperately need in my diet. With this I'm having a fist full of new potatoes along with some salad, Yum!!

I have had 2 glasses of water, Not enough i suppose but its a start!

Anybody else eating clean, How you all getting on? Id love to know :)

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Eating Clean

Hey everyone

So I have decided to write a food blog today rather than beauty, many years battling with my yoyo weight, I thought It was a good idea to write down and organize my eating habits and lifestyle.
So today is day one, And I'm feeling really positive. I have struggled to eat healthy in the past due to my 'fussy eating' but as I have grown older, I have experimented and enjoyed a lot more food, its great to finally have a choice.

For breakfast I had the ever so lovely golden syrup porridge  I feel having a little bit of sweetness to my breakfast, clenches my hunger for the rest of the day, Fully satisfied breakfast and enjoyed every bit of it!
Although not super adventurous, you can't go wrong with porridge.

For lunch I had bought some reduced fat hummus from Tesco, Lobbed it into the microwave for 40 seconds and added pepper. Then had a 1/4 of light choices wrap with it. So tasty, I think this might be my new favorite lunch! whoo hoo!! Has anyone tried the other flavored hummus?

For tea I will indulge in free range home made chicken breast burger with salad, This is such a tasty meal and I plan to eat every meal with a handful of salad.

I think the most important thing for me is to drink lots of water, I never drink enough fluids and always find my self hungry and dry. This is a goal I wish to achieve, so for the next month I'm testing myself with many challenges.

Do you have any challenges or goals for this year? I would love to know !

Monday, 1 April 2013

My week in Instagram

Hey everyone
So I thought I would begin doing my week in instagram posts, I love instagram and am quite nosy when it comes to looking at photos so here is mine :)

 // Using morphing apps on my Cockatiel ha ha! He loved it // Movie night with the best girly films // Beautiful sunset outside my house(Im obsessed with the sky and taking photos)

// Again another beautiful sunset, I just love taking photos of the sky // My first easter egg this year! Not a chocolate fan but it's nice to have abit of spare chocolate in the house :) // My hair is getting so long after growing it for years! finally ha ha // My collection of nail polishes, find it so hard to choose a colour.

// Finally the last sunset! (sorry for all the sky photos) // Easter sunday: trust my nan to bring milk in a brandy bottle ha ha // Swatching some lipsticks, I love my red lippys so hard to choose.

So this is my week in instagram, I upload at least once a day! My username is Laura_callow, whats yours :)?

Thanks for reading