Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Special Effects | DIY | Eye wound

Hey everyone,  Hope your all okay. today I have a little makeup tutorial for you, Not your average makeup but something a little different, Hope you enjoy :)

Firstly make sure under your eye is clean ready for the latex
Using a old brush, Apply liquid latex under your eye. This is a strong pungent smell so the fumes could sting your eyes a little, If you feel like it's too strong, close your eyes while the liquid dries, then the smell will disappear. 
Next add a few layers of the latex, I have used around 3 layers and left each one to dry before applying the next coat. 
Once your latex has dried it will look similar to this. Use a matte powder over the top to make it less shiny and too stay in place. You can also add a little foundation to blend into the skin, This makes it more effective. 
As you can see the latex looks blended into the skin. Once all is dried, use tweezers or your nails to peal the top edge of the latex whilst using powder on the skin. 
When you have pealed back some of the 'skin' Add a red lipstick onto the skin, Here I used MAC Russian Red. You can use any face paint or lipstick to create this effect. 
Add some dark purple & black lipstick to the red, this will give the illusion of cut skin. You can also use various dark eyeshadows to create this look too. 
With your ring finger, Blend the colours together. Make sure your edges look blending into the skin to make it more of a real effect. 
Next is the fun part, The fake blood. Use a old brush and apply fake blood onto the 'cut'. With your tweezers peal the rest of the latex to give the illusion of torn skin. 
This is what the final result will look like and its super simple
You can mess about with the latex to make it bigger and bolder.
Finishing the look off with some dark shadows, give the eye a slightly bruised look. I used a blending brush for all of the shadows but you can use any.

Hope you enjoyed this pic-torial I have plenty of more coming soon :) - Learn how to do a Special Effects Scar


  1. That looks great, I really want to learn how to do stuff like this x