Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easy Nails - Polish Remover

Hey Everyone
I recently bought a easy nail polish remover for 80p 50ML in Home Bargins. It is a dupe to the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish remover priced at £4.99 for a 10ML bottle. This is such a easy quick way to remove your nail polish, perfect for in a rush, commuting, holidays and many more! I'm one of these woman who love to change their poilish at least every 2 days so this is so amazing and less time consuming. With the price being 80p you cannot complain! The size is good for your handbag and is easy to store. 

So the packaging is cute, small and easy to use. The fragrance is your average nail polish remover but all in all I love this product.

Inside there are 4 sponges I'm guessing filled with polish remover, You simply put your finger into the sponge and twist around once or twice, depending on how much nail polish you are wearing.

Here is a step by step on how to do it. Simple yet effective. I totally recommend this product, no more sitting forever using cotton pads to remover your nail polish, This saves half the time, half the mess and half the price as the expensive brands. 

Have you tried any of these nail polish removers? If so whats your favorite and what do you think?


Friday, 22 March 2013

Special Effects - Small Wound Tutorial

Hey everyone!
This is my first special effects tutorial, I thought I would begin with a scar, very simple, quick and easy :)

First Begin by using liquid latex, This will help the scar wax to stick to your skin. If you have not got any liquid latex you can also use eyelash glue & PVA glue, Or if you are allergic to latex you can use spirit gum! You can buy liquid latex on the internet, I use eBay to buy all my makeup.
Then using a old makeup or nail brush, Dip it into your latex and place a small bit where you want your scar. I use about 2 layers of latex. Wait for this to become tacky/dry before moving to the next step.
Ignore my horrible chipped nails ha ha! Take some special fx mold wax, Again you can buy this on eBay or amazon. Using the end of tweezers scrape out your wax, be careful as it can be quite sticky. Use your finger tips and roll and flatten your wax. Once you have your wax you can then place it on top of your latex.
Once you have flatten you wax you can then squish it down onto your latex, It is a lot lighter than your skin tone so you need to blend the edges into your skin.
While using wax, Your best using  a hand lotion to keep your hands moisturized, This will not only help the wax from sticking to your skin, it will also help you to blend those edges easier. 
As soon as you have blended the edges into your skin, Use a baby wipe or a cleansing wipe to tidy up around the wax, It can be very messy and you want to make sure its smooth.

Blend your foundation onto the wax to give the illusion it is your real skin. Then take a skin colour powder and dab over, this will matte the wax and stop it from being shiny. 
Using a sharp nail tool or then end of some tweezers, Make a small incision into the mold like this. You can then mess about and create the depth you want your wound or how big. You can get creative!
Take a red and black face paint and a small nail art brush Or if on a budget, use a red and black cheap lipstick. This will be used for inside the wound. Take a glass of water and some paper towels and paint away!
And your done! I just mixed both colours in the wound and used a little on the outside. I then just used more powder on my forehead and around the wound to make sure it's blending in correctly.

I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial, I hope to do more special effects and beauty makeup soon!

Thanks for reading :) 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Poundworld Haul!

Hey Guys,
So I haven't posted a blog in a few days due to feeling poorly :( but Today I have a quick post and a small cheeky haul for you. Since I felt much better today, I went into my local pound-world as they always have some good makeup goodies in stock, I spent a total of £4 and got 4 great products which I would say are worth a lot more!

 I adore the blue Revlon nail polish, Can't wait to test these out!

Have you ever bought anything from poundland or pound-world? There are some amazing bargains  Perfect for on a budget or looking for some cheep goodies.

Thanks for reading :) 

Monday, 18 March 2013

Disappointing makeup products

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Hey Guys
Here I have my disappointing makeup products, Usually I rarely find products I dislike but I think I should share! I normally try before I buy but having tried so many times to like the product I have failed.

Starting off with the ever so popular mascara, Benefit's 'they're real'. Priced around £18 you think this product would be amazing by the advertisement. They claim its the best mascara around and it volumizes, curls and lengthens your lashes by 98%. However, I absolutely despise this product, My lashes became clumped and was so difficult to remove, Took days before my lashes went back to normal. The brush is a hard plastic and irritates my eyes while applying and it barely makes them any longer. A product worth the hype for some, but not for me. I have found cheaper products to be 100 times better.

Here I have another mascara that I have religiously tried and still not liked. It is the Maybelline's 'The falsies Volum' express' Again this just did not provide what It claims to be. Although I like the finish it leaves, It does not make my lashes volumized and certainly not false looking. I was so looking forward to this product being amazing as I heard so many good reviews, but found my sell disappointed once again with a mascara that claims to be worth the hype!

Moving on to a lip product now. How pretty does this Revlon Lip Butter look? The colour looks so pretty and the packaging is beautiful, this was the main reason in me purchasing this product. However, I was so disappointing when I tried this on. I originally bought this to wear on my birthday, My first ever lip butter! I thought this would be perfect, a shiny pink lip butter. It made my lips dry, looked cracked and unconditioned. I would never wear this product as It made my lips look ridicules  It has put me off trying any other lip butters as I'm curious whether to pay the £8 for something so rubbish. Have you tried any others? Whats your favorite colour? Id love to know as I would really want to try more to see what they have to offer!

I wanted a good Oil-free tinted moisturizer for the summer, I love experimenting with many tinted moisturizers and came across this one by Stila. The reason I chose this was because of the high SPF and the fact it was oil-free as I feel my skin feels better without it. This was awful on my skin, It was so thick and clumpy and looked very patchy, even when applied with my hands or a brush. It did not describe what it said on the tin and I hate products that lie! I got this in the colour 'light' As I'm pretty pale during summer, I thought this would be perfect. As you can see the pigment is very yellow and left me with orange marks across my skin, I looked like I did not have a clue how to apply it. However the packaging is easy and light for your handbag!

Here I have MAC's Peach twist Blusher. I went into my nearest MAC store looking for a gorgeous pinky/brown blush for everyday wear. I was advised by a makeup-artist to buy this colour as she thought it suited my skin tone and would look great with my foundation. Such a lie! I got home and religiously tried this product to try like it as much as I could, the amount of times I tried, I still got the same result. My cheeks looked orange and extremely patchy, It too bright for my skin tone and it has glitter reflects in it! I love MAC but every time I go into their store I always find myself receiving the wrong colours for my skin. Has anybody tried this blush? I personally can't bare it on my face and I'm disappointed in myself for paying that much for a blush I don't like :(

That is all my disappointing products as I barely find ones I dislike.
Hope you enjoyed & thanks for reading :)

Whats products are you disappointed in? or Do you like any of these products?


Friday, 15 March 2013

Soap and Glory Hand Food review

Hey Guys!
So for Christmas and birthdays I always receive some lovely soap and glory beauty products, Mostly they contain their lush exfoliators, body & hand creams. Now for years I have used Nivea, I found it was extremely hydrating for my hands and left the best results. Since having received soap and glory hand foods I thought I would give these a go. 

Firstly, my favorite thing is the packaging, perfect travel size for your handbag and obviously because it's pink! and I love pink ha ha. The size is very handy and is easy to control how much you want out the bottle. Although this brand says It is hydrating and non-greasy, I have to disagree. I found this to be quite greasy and often left my hands feeling sticky, not good when your out and using your hands alot. I love the smell of this product, I know it is a big hit or miss with soap and glory and can be too sweet and sickly for many people. The product is priced at £2.35 for a 50ml travel size which I think is very reasonable if you use hand cream often.

The consistency is thick but not long lasting, It's great for a top up but is not the best if your looking to hydrate your hands all day. 

Overall it is a great product for on the go, the smell is lush and the packaging is great for your handbag! 
I'm always on the lookout for a great hand cream, if anyone has any good suggestions let me know!

thanks for reading :) 

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Glitter smokes

Hey Guys!
Today I have my first makeup pictorial! I love a glitter smokey eye so I thought I would share how do it, hope you enjoy! P.s Don't mind the numbers at the bottom of the photo, they got mixed up!

Firstly I begun by using a full coverage concealer to prime my eyelids, Using a small foundation brush I used this all over the lids.

I then took Mac's Eyebrow liner in 'stud' and roughly shaped my eyebrows, I never done them perfect because I will always end up shaping them later on.


 I then took a flat top brush and a light concealer to shape underneath my eyebrows, This is important as it defines them into a better shape. Then use your favorite highlighter and use under your brow bone.

Use a black eyeshadow and blend into your crease, This does not have to be perfect!

Use a Gel liner over the top of the eyeshadow to create more definition, I used Collection black gel liner to create this look, Not only is it very pigmented it is easy to blend.

Roughly wing out your liner, this does not have to be neat, you can always redo and touch up later on. I then took a glitter gel liner again by collection and covered the lid.

I then took fearne cottons glitter pot in silver and placed it over the glitter gel liner, this helps it to stay on longer and give it that extra sparkle. 

Using a baby wipe or a cleansing wipe, Clean up under the eye and sharpen up your liner.

Once you have cleaned up, Take a blending brush and blend the top of the gel liner to make it smoother rather than a harsh line.

Take your favorite concealer and conceal under your eyes and above your eyebrows. I used collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer, My favorite for under the eyes. 

Keep blending the liner until your happy with the outcome, Then take your mascara and coat your lashes before the falseys!

Put some lash glue on your lashes and wait till tacky, I used naturals for this look.

Once applied, again go over your lashes with a mascara, this will blend your own lashes with the false ones. Make sure you go from the root!

I then took my glitter liner and topped the lid up for extra sparkle!

 And your done! This is the final look, perfect for dinner or a night out!

Products Used

Hope you all enjoyed!
thanks for reading :)

Fearne Cotton Nail Polishes

Hey guys

For Christmas I had received a lovely nail polish set of my boyfriend, the brand is by Fearne Cotton, I never thought of trying her brand before as I found most celebrity beauty products were a big let down. This set came in a pack of 6 and was priced at £12, quite cheap as it works out at around £1.50 per polish...bargin! It had the most cute colours for the winter season and I was so happy to try!

So the set came with three beautiful warm colours, Sparkle ruby red, Sparkle Cranberry and a glossy Red. For me, Red is my Favorite colour to wear on my nails so you could imagine my excitement when I seen these beauty's in my stocking. Not only do I love the colours, I adore how pigmented they are, one or two coats and you get the most perfect finish. Although I was excited to try the glitter polishes, I always sigh when coming to remove the polish as it is such a big pain! Not with these though, a little nail polish remover and it comes straight off! Such a bonus for me as I am very impatient ha ha. I love how you can mix match these colours and they all go perfect together. If you are a fan of a quick on the go pigmented nail polish then these would be perfect for you.

The set also came with three deep colours. When I seen these colours I was not as excited as the red ones, the colours did not pop out at me but I gave all three a try and ended up loving them all! The Fern Green has to be my favorite! Again the pigment is amazing and these are such good quality for on the go, they take literally a minute to dry, something that appeals to me more than anything. These colours are perfect for winter and would look cute with a tan. The two glitter polishes are beautiful but very sheer, You would need at least 2-3 coats to get the full opaqueness. However, these would look super good on top of another polish to add extra sparkle. 

Have you tried these polishes yet?

thanks for reading :)


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Top 2013 beauty products so far!

This year I have been into beauty products more than ever, Not only am I not buying makeup for the sake of it, I'm actually giving products a try and using them alot more. Giving that it is only march, there is a big favorites selection.

 So here are my favorites of this year, Might not look alot but I have used these none stop. Sorry if some look dirty! Makeup can be very messy ha ha. I use these everyday, or carry these in a cosmetic bag.

Face products

These foundations are amazing, I mix both of them to get the perfect shade. I had always wanted to try Estee Lauder double wear but never had the guts to buy it for some reason! I had heard nothing but amazing reviews so I popped into my closest Debenhams and made a cheeky purchase. When I bought this foundation I had a good few layers of false tan on so I wanted the foundation to match my skin for when I'm bronzed. The colour I was matched too is 3N1 Ivory Beige 10. Now on my actual skin tone, this colour looks silly but Mixed with a little Rimmel Match Perfection foundation, It gives me the perfect shade. Now I was shopping around and found this foundation in b&m! Priced at £4.99 what a bargain! It gives you the perfect finish with an amazing glow.

I have been using these concealers for around a year now, and I wouldn't know what to do without them! The collection Lasting perfection gives you the amazing coverage you need, I use it for everything as it basically gives me a new face! I don't use the MAC Pro Longwear concealer for my face, This colour was matched way to light for my skin tone, so now I use it to shape my brows as its amazing coverage and super light.


 I LOVE my red lipsticks, I think I have too many. These are my ultimate favorites and I'm sad I'm reaching the bottom! The MAC lipstick is Russian Red and the Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick is shade 107. I love the contrast and I religiously carry these both with me at all times! These are the only red shades I have found have suited my skin tone and will defiantly be using these until I can!


Here I have my most trustworthy brushes, Real  techniques Buffing Brush and Blush Brush and Fraulein flat top brush. I use these every day, I love the quality so much, I don't know how I would cope without having these in my kit. I use the buffing brush for foundation, the blush brush for bronzer and my flat brush to shape under my brows.


Here are my most used eye products, You may have noticed there is no mascara and that is because I can never find one I really like, The amount I try is pointless :(
For years I used Avon for my eyeliners and they used to give me the most vibrant colour and were very long lasting, when they got discontinued I worked my way around boots and swatched as many to find a dupe to my old liner. I came across this soap and glory KOHL liner and it has to be the best cream eyeliner I have ever used. Mine is in the colour black and I can always rely on this to last me all day & night.
I use MAC eyebrow pencil in stud, I love a dark defined brow and this is perfect for creating that sharp groomed look. I bought collection 2000 Gel liner at Christmas and have used it nearly everyday, I found this to be the cheapest and best quality for money. Last but not least my HD Brow Kit in 'Bombshell' When I received this in my glossy box last year I was not fussed at all, the colours are not to my taste and did not work with my brows, giving it more time, I began using them as eyeshadows as they are quite neutral, now I use it everyday to give me abit of definition to my eyes.

Random Products

These are a few random beauty production which have been my ultimate fav. I use Nivea daily essentials oil free moisturising day cream, It is amazing. I use this every day & night and find my skin is always super soft and it smells amazing (bonus!) My HD Brows tweezers are a god send! They pluck the finer hairs out your brows and are the best tweezers I have ever used. Last is my favorite nail polish ever, Sally Hansen's 'The Sky's the limit' This is the most amazing blue, very pigmented and super cheap. If I ever fancy some colour to brighten me up I always stick this shade on.

Hope you liked my Favorite beauty products so far,
what are yours? :)

Thanks for reading