Saturday, 13 April 2013

DIY - Hair Chalk

So I recently Purchased some hair chalk from eBay , As I have seen this advertised everywhere for instant wash in and wash out colour, I defiantly was excited to try them. As a teenager I was forever dying my hair as many colours as possible so I think it's a brilliant idea to create instant colour without damaging your hair.
It is fun, inexpensive and you can be as experimental as you want so It's defiantly worth checking out!

I received a pack of 12 chalks ranging from red to blue to pink. Mostly My Favorite colours so you could imagine I couldn't wait to get stuck in.

Using hair chalk can be very messy so if your going to do it make sure you wear an old t-shirt and have plenty of wipes around! also use an old towel that you don't mind ruining ha ha.
Because I have fairly medium length hair, I decided to use the chalk on my hair extentions.

So to chalk your hair or extensions, these are the essentials you need. Cleansing or baby wipes, A comb, Hair clips, Straighteners and your chalk.

Section your hair into 2 or more depending on how thick you want the strand of hair to be. I used these clips to section and split the extensions into 2. Again this will probably depend on the length, style and quality of your hair.
Before you begin to chalk, make sure you condition your hair. It makes it extremely dry and can knot so be careful when brushing. Make sure you have a comb or brush on hand.

 Take whatever chalk you are using and begin rubbing it onto the piece of hair. If you have darker hair then you should use a spritz of water, this will make the colour pop! You can go over the hair as much as you want, depending on how intense you would like the colour. Rotate the hair so you and get every strand!

If your only using one colour then you can leave it how it is, make sure after you have chalked to comb it.
If you decide to use a second colour like me then do the exact same, but make sure you blend those edges.

Once you have applied your chalk, Take your hair straighteners or curlers and go over the hair. This will make the colour stay extra long until you wash your hair. You can then add a little bit of hairspray. Be careful though, the chalk can make you hair super dry. Use either a oil or conditioner to make sure your protecting it.

And this is what the final result looks like! I decided to only use a little colour but you can be as intense as you want. It is such a simple and easy thing to do and you can be as creative as you want and use as many different colours! This lets you have a little change without wrecking your hair and having to re-dye it each time.

You can buy hair chalk here:

Has anybody tried this? I would love to know your opinions :)

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