Thursday, 21 February 2013

This months wishlist!

Hey Guys!
Here is my monthly wishlist, starting in February  This month I have wanted sooo many things, but these are the main 4 I am dying to try and buy!

I have wanted this pallet ever since it came out, The neutral colors are so beautiful, and after using the naked pallet 1 for 2 years, this brand of eyeshadows have become a favorite of mine. I love how compact the packaging is and how pigmented and long lasting the product is. This is a must have for me, priced at £20, this amazing product is worth the money. Also it's sized enough perfect for your handbag!!

How amazing are these shoes? Jeffrey Campbell in my eyes make the most amazing heals, every girl can wish for. Such a classic colour with added studs, these would look perfect for a glam night out, date or even during the day. Priced at £153, these are great if you love your heals. You know you are getting amazing quality shoes. 

My love for Aztec lately is unreal, For years I have loved Aztec fashion and now I'm totally addicted to this bag! super cute and amazing quality, I would love to be wearing this bag this summer. Now usually I'm not sort of a backpack type of person, but I could defiantly see myself with this. Priced at a reasonable £30, this is totally worth the money!

Everybody is loving Michael Kors rose gold watches lately  and I for one are one of them. How pretty and elegant is this watch? I bought a cheaper dupe for £5 from Primark and it has done the job but I would love a real Michael Kors watch, a piece of luxury which in my mind will never go out of fashion and will always look amazing on your wrist. This watch is priced at £250, I think this is a reasonable price for rose gold and something you can always keep & treasure. 

I created my wishlist on where you can create yourself!

This is my months wishlist, Whats yours? 

Thanks for reading :) 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Top 5 favorite Nail polishes!

Hey Guys! 

Here I have my top 5 nail Polishes for you, I got the majority on a budget and are very cheap 
My choice in colour changes on a monthly basis so here is January & February's favorites! :)

1* Sally Hansen - Thinking of Blue
This season I have been loving blue, especially blue nails. I really wanted to find the perfect navy colour as it goes with everything. I actually got this nail polish in poundland  That's right! I payed £1 for this amazing polish. Poundland now sells many brands of beauty items so when I go, I get my hands on some right bargains. Anyhoo, this polish is extremely pigmented and long lasting. 1 or 2 coats usually lasts me around 4 days. If you love a bargain or are on a budget, then look in poundland for those great beauty bargains!

2* Miss Sporty - Metal Fluid 
So whilst in Superdrug I noticed Miss sporty had some great nail polishes out, So I picked up this iridescent colour, costing me under £3. I love the fact it changes colour in the light from green, to purple, to sort of a yellow base. After a few coats, this colour is amazing, and looks even better when topped up with some glitter polish! 

3* Nails Inc - St James
I found this nail polish in a magazine, I was absolutely thrilled as many of you know nails inc can be pretty pricey, costing upto £11! As I only payed £2 for the magazine it came with, I was amazed with this bargain.  Sometimes its worth looking through magazines to find free gifts, some are actually amazing and well worth the money.The colour is a beautiful Reddy/pink, it gives your nails a classic and cute look, wearable for day & night! 

4* Sally Hansen - The Sky's the limit 
Again, I found this polish in poundland! This has to be my favorite one I have found upto now, as the colour is the nicest baby blue on this planet!! They ranged in many colour from neon to black and grey's.

5* Topshop - Rising Star
Now this is the only nail polish out the collection that was slightly pricey, For this polish I payed £6 in Topshop, Now to me that's abit expensive for a glitter polish but seeing it sparkle so lovely in the shop I knew  I had to splash out. This glitter polish looks great on top of any colour and even looks nice on its own. What caught my eye was the little stars sparkling, to me this added extra goodness! 

As you can see by my post you can get many great products from cheaper places, that are just as good! I see Sally Hansen nail polishes in boots and they cost a arm and a leg! But If you love a bargain then look in poundland or clearance sales for some goodies!!

Thanks for reading :) 


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Special Effects Makeup

Helloo there!

I am a massive special effects fan, I love creating gory zombie makeup looks or just your average scary face-paint  This has been a hobbie for mine for about 3 years now and each year I feel I'm progressing more in makeup. If your into special effects like me then here is a few looks I have done last year :)

For Halloween I bought fabric zips from eBay, I then used them on the face to create a zipped look. Using only liquid latex, fake blood, tissue, face paints and a few old makeup & nail art brushes, This look took 40 minutes to do and its a quick easy look for Halloween, even one of my favorites!!

To create most of the zombie looks, I use basic products such as tissue paper and liquid latex, This will give the effect of extra skin, then I use eye shadows and face paints to create contouring and shape to the face.
You can create much more looks if you have the right products, I have recently been getting into sculpting by using a face mold, water base clay and sculpting tools. I hope this year I can build up the confidence to create much bigger looks and even begin making my own prosthetic's. 

These are easy to create by just finding household things, I hope to have more to show this year with much needed practice! what do you think?

Thanks for reading :) 

Monday, 18 February 2013

Whats in my makeup bag?

Helloo there!

Just a quick post today about the contents of makeup bags and what you should or shouldn't carry, or what you think you should carry for everyday use. I carry the most makeup ever and tend to have the most heaviest bag to carry just because of my makeup obsession :(

As you can see, my makeup bag is excessive and I should really only carry out the makeup I will actually use when I'm out. It varies day to day depending on what lipstick I'm feeling or whether what eye shadows I should wear. I love the feeling that I can always change my makeup day to night with my handy life saving makeup bag ha ha!

What do you take? Lip balm, concealer, mascara? Or are you obsessive like me and just take a massive bag full? Id love to know :)


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Finding the perfect red lipstick.

Helloo there!

I for one love red lipstick, everyday I always find the time to apply my favorite color. Over the time I have built up a collection of red lipsticks even with some being the same shade, I think I might be slightly obsessed!
After years of searching for the perfect shade for me I finally settled on MAC Russian Red, The most perfect matte and pigmented lipstick I have ever used, My love for this lipstick grows stronger by the day (I know, really weird ha ha!) For me, I prefer a matte look, How about you?

To find the right shade for you, Make sure that it suits your skin tone for example:

* Fair skin Tones - Orange/Coral Red Or even peach

* Medium skin tones - Bright and Bold reds

* Dark Skin tones - More dark shades of red 

Red lipstick has always been popular and I believe every woman needs at least one red lipstick in their life.
Make sure you always test the lipstick before you buy, to make sure it suits your hair and skin color and remember, Not all red lipsticks you see will be the same color as it is than on your lips, make sure you try by blending concealer into your lips to insure the color will look and stay the same as the package. 

This is my collection of red lipsticks , Do you have your favorite shade, brand and texture?

Thanks for reading!!


Friday, 15 February 2013

Getting that perfect Natural Glow!

Helloo There! 

If you are like me and always looking for ways to increase a natural glow to your face then I'm going to show you a easy and cheaper way to create that look. Winter is now over and the heavy makeup comes off, I love winter and wearing more coverage to my skin but I also love having that natural finish on those days I don't feel like spending hours on my makeup!

Firstly I always Prep My skin by using a pH-balanced product such as: Dermalogica, Simple, Sanex & Clarins, these will work with your body's natural chemistry, It's quite important you don't use products that leave your skin with a firm texture. I then mix this with bicarb, a cheap easy product which you find in most kitchens (and its an absolute bargin)  This will give your skin an amazing glow.

Secondly I use a sunscreen with SPF 15, It is very important to use a sun protector,it prevents the pigmentation and discoloration to your skin and maintains its facial glow, also remember to do this in advance before you take a trip out, many creams, and lotions can darken the skin on your face. I mix mine with a tinted moisturizer if it already does not contain some but usually it does contain so make sure you check!!
I then use either a buffing brush or my clean hands to apply this onto my face, this creates a awesome glow and a natural finish. If you feel that this does not provide enough coverage for you, you can then use a concealer to hide those blemishes.

You should then use a highlighter of your choice and one that matches your skin tone, sweep this and highlight the corner of your eyes, under the brows, above the cheekbones and then to the center of your bottom lip. This will give you that amazing glow on top of your skin.

If you feel like adding any color into your skin, you can always add a cream blush or cream bronzer to the apples of your cheeks. I find wearing blush and bronzer with the tinted moisturizer makes your face look amazing and I always receive complements when wearing a glowing natural look.

Not only can you create a perfect glow with products, you can always do this through a healthy balanced diet for a healthy body and skin. A overall health of the body will be reflected on the face as it retains it's natural glow.

I'm hoping this summer to have a bronzed natural glow! what look are you going for?

Thanks for reading :) 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Nails Nails Nails

Helloo there!

I'm Laura, a makeup and nail enthusiast, I'm a novice, just have passion and love for anything in beauty.  Beginning my blog with a nail post, like most girls we love to paint our nails on a weekly basis, unless your weird like me and decide to paint them every two days.
I love looking for many different colors, glitter and patterns it gives me such a thrill to have wonderful nails. 
Here are some nails I have been wearing lately for some inspiration

For years I have looked at inspiration on weheartit and tumblr and always wanted to create my own, who needs to pay to get your nails done when you can be as creative as you want at home!
A few of my favorite drugstore brands of nail polish are:
Barry m, Rimmel, Sally hansen, Essie and finally nails inc.
To me I feel all of those drugstore brands have the most pigment and you barley need much to create the perfect look.

This is the beginning of my nail and makeup blog, hopefully many more to come, so I can share my passion for beauty.