Saturday, 16 February 2013

Finding the perfect red lipstick.

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I for one love red lipstick, everyday I always find the time to apply my favorite color. Over the time I have built up a collection of red lipsticks even with some being the same shade, I think I might be slightly obsessed!
After years of searching for the perfect shade for me I finally settled on MAC Russian Red, The most perfect matte and pigmented lipstick I have ever used, My love for this lipstick grows stronger by the day (I know, really weird ha ha!) For me, I prefer a matte look, How about you?

To find the right shade for you, Make sure that it suits your skin tone for example:

* Fair skin Tones - Orange/Coral Red Or even peach

* Medium skin tones - Bright and Bold reds

* Dark Skin tones - More dark shades of red 

Red lipstick has always been popular and I believe every woman needs at least one red lipstick in their life.
Make sure you always test the lipstick before you buy, to make sure it suits your hair and skin color and remember, Not all red lipsticks you see will be the same color as it is than on your lips, make sure you try by blending concealer into your lips to insure the color will look and stay the same as the package. 

This is my collection of red lipsticks , Do you have your favorite shade, brand and texture?

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