Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Budget Wednesday | They're Real Benefit Mascara Dupe

After hearing how good the Benefit mascara was, I couldn't wit to get my hands on the best beauty product on the market. First of all the packaging is lovely and the brush is usually what i go for. The only thing that put me off about the product was the price. Having a budget and getting good bargains is usually my type of thing, the thought of splashing out over £20 for a mascara was quite sickening.

At first I did not even like this mascara, I thought it was clumpy and made my eyes sore. After a million attempts of trying it I finally started getting the result I hoped for. Although I loved this product, the thought of running out and paying the expense annoyed me.

Looking through Superdrug I was eyeing up a cheap mascara for everyday use, something That I would'nt care about using up. I came across this NYC High definition mascara, price around £3 I was more than happy to purchase Having used this for a few months I am totally in love with the finish it provides, Its completely similar to the benefit's they're real mascara which is a huge bonus! Not only do they give the exact same finish, you will be saving yourself a whooping £18!!

Let me tell you – these dupe products are identical to the name brands for half the price! What more could you want?

Have you tried any of these mascaras?

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