Friday, 15 February 2013

Getting that perfect Natural Glow!

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If you are like me and always looking for ways to increase a natural glow to your face then I'm going to show you a easy and cheaper way to create that look. Winter is now over and the heavy makeup comes off, I love winter and wearing more coverage to my skin but I also love having that natural finish on those days I don't feel like spending hours on my makeup!

Firstly I always Prep My skin by using a pH-balanced product such as: Dermalogica, Simple, Sanex & Clarins, these will work with your body's natural chemistry, It's quite important you don't use products that leave your skin with a firm texture. I then mix this with bicarb, a cheap easy product which you find in most kitchens (and its an absolute bargin)  This will give your skin an amazing glow.

Secondly I use a sunscreen with SPF 15, It is very important to use a sun protector,it prevents the pigmentation and discoloration to your skin and maintains its facial glow, also remember to do this in advance before you take a trip out, many creams, and lotions can darken the skin on your face. I mix mine with a tinted moisturizer if it already does not contain some but usually it does contain so make sure you check!!
I then use either a buffing brush or my clean hands to apply this onto my face, this creates a awesome glow and a natural finish. If you feel that this does not provide enough coverage for you, you can then use a concealer to hide those blemishes.

You should then use a highlighter of your choice and one that matches your skin tone, sweep this and highlight the corner of your eyes, under the brows, above the cheekbones and then to the center of your bottom lip. This will give you that amazing glow on top of your skin.

If you feel like adding any color into your skin, you can always add a cream blush or cream bronzer to the apples of your cheeks. I find wearing blush and bronzer with the tinted moisturizer makes your face look amazing and I always receive complements when wearing a glowing natural look.

Not only can you create a perfect glow with products, you can always do this through a healthy balanced diet for a healthy body and skin. A overall health of the body will be reflected on the face as it retains it's natural glow.

I'm hoping this summer to have a bronzed natural glow! what look are you going for?

Thanks for reading :) 

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