Tuesday, 9 July 2013

The not so Real Techniques brush | Dupe |

 I have always loved the real Techniques brushes and think they are just amazing. They are the best brushes I have purchased in a long time and I know me and them brushes will not be parting any time soon! 
I came across these dupe brushes on eBay. 

First impressions, I thought they looked the exact same brush and had similarities in colour and size. The only difference to me was the price. Instead of forking out £10 for the real Techniqueones these cheeky little brushes where priced at £2.57...I thought would this be too good to be true. 

I was not sure what I was expecting since they were from china and were unbelievably low in price but I was pretty surprised in how good they actually where. They are not as sturdy as the Real Techniques but for the price, you cannot complain. 

These brushes are handy if you can't afford to be splashing out on fancy brushes or if you just a makeup virgin. I will be purchasing these again as they are amazing for the price. 
The only up Real Techniques have is that their brushes are synthetic and are cruelty free. 

Overall the Real Techniques brushes are better but you certainly get what you pay for. For £2.57 you can't complain for the quality of the brushes. 

Has anybody tried these brushes? What do you think?

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