Thursday, 11 April 2013

Barry M - Gelly Hi-shine Nail Paint Review

So recently the Barry M Gelly nails have been ever so popular and I have been dying to try them!
I went into Superdrug and had a look so see what Barry m goodies they had on offer and their Gelly Paints just stood out, looking pretty and shiny.
I decided to try the colour 'Lychee', I never choose nude polishes so I was excited to try this beautiful colour.

 So firstly, I love the packaging, Barry M always get their nail polish packaging right. The colour looks a lot lighter in real life than on these photos, A beautiful light nude tan colour, perfect for summer and even great with a tan.
Although I love the look of this polish, I'm not so keen on the consistency. I find every light colour I use, it is impossible to get the right coat and finish on my nails, does anybody else find this? I used 2 coats to get this consistency and to me it still seems slightly streaky.
The finish is rather shiny compared to your average polish but nothing to rave about, Maybe it is just this colour so I'm desperate to try others. It also took forever to dry, I would say I waited at least 30 minutes before I could actually use my hands without them smudging. This is probably okay for some but I am a fast dry type of girl, I can be very impatient and cannot be bothered waiting around for them to dry!

Overall I did love this product, the colour is beautiful and one of the best nude colours I have seen for a high street brand. The only fault that it is highly time consuming and does not give you the perfect finish which really disappointed me, but I would try this again and maybe next time I might begin to love it even more.

Have you tried any of these nail paints? What are your thoughts? I would love to know.

Thanks for reading :)

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