Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Eating clean day 2! - Positive thoughts

Hey everyone

So day 2 of eating clean and I'm feeling more positive than ever.

For breakfast I had 2 pieces of wholemeal toast and low fat butter with a light fried egg. I was going to poach my egg but I resulted to quickness tutut! I really fancied a bowl of fruit with yogurt but I need to do some shopping :(

For lunch again I'm having Low fat hummus and 1/4 home made garlic bread made again with low fat butter. Not so healthy but this clenches my hunger for the rest of the day so I feel more full, and its so tasty!

For tea I'm having fish, Usually I have chicken as I only eat white meat but I'm finding that I am becoming so bored with it! Fancy something exciting and yes fish is exciting to me ha ha , something I never have but desperately need in my diet. With this I'm having a fist full of new potatoes along with some salad, Yum!!

I have had 2 glasses of water, Not enough i suppose but its a start!

Anybody else eating clean, How you all getting on? Id love to know :)

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