Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Banning those blemishes!

Although I have never suffered from spots, I have always suffered from blemishes! The bane of my life.
For years I have struggled to get rid of the redness and blemishes in my skin and I have tried many products in the past which have always failed.
For the past year I have hardly had any blemishes and I have a totally different skin care regime, I found this has worked sooo much and I'm a lot more happier inside now I have blemish free skin, yippee!

Please excuse the dirt, They are makeup wipes at the end of the day ;)

So after removing some of my makeup with these I then move onto cleansing pads! I use the Clearasil Daily clear, deep cleansing pads. These are my ultimate Favorite things to use everrrr. This removes all dirt and makeup and leaves you with fresh skin. Although at first your face can look super red and may sting, this will calm down within 10 minutes and by the next day my skin is always silky smooth :) I always use these before bed rather than in the morning as they might be a little harsh.

Another product I always use for blemishes has to be my moisturiser. This one I found to work amazing, This tightens and wakens up the skin. Not only do I love this for my blemishes I use it as my everyday moisturiser, I cannot rave any more about product, It simply fab!

Last but not least I find using honey is a great skin remedy, you can make great homemade face masks including honey and other things in your fridge that are just as good as high end treatments. 

Do you have any skin care products you recommend? Or what do you find works amazing? I would love to know :)
So I always always use cleansing wipes before any cleanse, I use Home Bargains 2 for £1 cucumber wipes. They work amazing and the fragrance leaves your skin with the most amazing smell (my boyfriend always compliments my skin when using these). I use them religiously  to take my makeup off, remove eye makeup (which can be a killer) and I even use it to clean my shoes ha ha!

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