Friday, 22 March 2013

Special Effects - Small Wound Tutorial

Hey everyone!
This is my first special effects tutorial, I thought I would begin with a scar, very simple, quick and easy :)

First Begin by using liquid latex, This will help the scar wax to stick to your skin. If you have not got any liquid latex you can also use eyelash glue & PVA glue, Or if you are allergic to latex you can use spirit gum! You can buy liquid latex on the internet, I use eBay to buy all my makeup.
Then using a old makeup or nail brush, Dip it into your latex and place a small bit where you want your scar. I use about 2 layers of latex. Wait for this to become tacky/dry before moving to the next step.
Ignore my horrible chipped nails ha ha! Take some special fx mold wax, Again you can buy this on eBay or amazon. Using the end of tweezers scrape out your wax, be careful as it can be quite sticky. Use your finger tips and roll and flatten your wax. Once you have your wax you can then place it on top of your latex.
Once you have flatten you wax you can then squish it down onto your latex, It is a lot lighter than your skin tone so you need to blend the edges into your skin.
While using wax, Your best using  a hand lotion to keep your hands moisturized, This will not only help the wax from sticking to your skin, it will also help you to blend those edges easier. 
As soon as you have blended the edges into your skin, Use a baby wipe or a cleansing wipe to tidy up around the wax, It can be very messy and you want to make sure its smooth.

Blend your foundation onto the wax to give the illusion it is your real skin. Then take a skin colour powder and dab over, this will matte the wax and stop it from being shiny. 
Using a sharp nail tool or then end of some tweezers, Make a small incision into the mold like this. You can then mess about and create the depth you want your wound or how big. You can get creative!
Take a red and black face paint and a small nail art brush Or if on a budget, use a red and black cheap lipstick. This will be used for inside the wound. Take a glass of water and some paper towels and paint away!
And your done! I just mixed both colours in the wound and used a little on the outside. I then just used more powder on my forehead and around the wound to make sure it's blending in correctly.

I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial, I hope to do more special effects and beauty makeup soon!

Thanks for reading :) 

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  1. Great tutorial, it looks not very difficult to get result!