Thursday, 14 March 2013

Glitter smokes

Hey Guys!
Today I have my first makeup pictorial! I love a glitter smokey eye so I thought I would share how do it, hope you enjoy! P.s Don't mind the numbers at the bottom of the photo, they got mixed up!

Firstly I begun by using a full coverage concealer to prime my eyelids, Using a small foundation brush I used this all over the lids.

I then took Mac's Eyebrow liner in 'stud' and roughly shaped my eyebrows, I never done them perfect because I will always end up shaping them later on.


 I then took a flat top brush and a light concealer to shape underneath my eyebrows, This is important as it defines them into a better shape. Then use your favorite highlighter and use under your brow bone.

Use a black eyeshadow and blend into your crease, This does not have to be perfect!

Use a Gel liner over the top of the eyeshadow to create more definition, I used Collection black gel liner to create this look, Not only is it very pigmented it is easy to blend.

Roughly wing out your liner, this does not have to be neat, you can always redo and touch up later on. I then took a glitter gel liner again by collection and covered the lid.

I then took fearne cottons glitter pot in silver and placed it over the glitter gel liner, this helps it to stay on longer and give it that extra sparkle. 

Using a baby wipe or a cleansing wipe, Clean up under the eye and sharpen up your liner.

Once you have cleaned up, Take a blending brush and blend the top of the gel liner to make it smoother rather than a harsh line.

Take your favorite concealer and conceal under your eyes and above your eyebrows. I used collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer, My favorite for under the eyes. 

Keep blending the liner until your happy with the outcome, Then take your mascara and coat your lashes before the falseys!

Put some lash glue on your lashes and wait till tacky, I used naturals for this look.

Once applied, again go over your lashes with a mascara, this will blend your own lashes with the false ones. Make sure you go from the root!

I then took my glitter liner and topped the lid up for extra sparkle!

 And your done! This is the final look, perfect for dinner or a night out!

Products Used

Hope you all enjoyed!
thanks for reading :)


  1. Wow... AMAZING job! It looks amazing, well done. i wish I could do stuff like this! Just started following you. xx

  2. that looks amazing, love the whole look but especially the eyebrows, might try this next time I have a night out x

  3. This looks so cool!

    Followed your blog on Bloglovin, please check out mine?