Thursday, 14 February 2013

Nails Nails Nails

Helloo there!

I'm Laura, a makeup and nail enthusiast, I'm a novice, just have passion and love for anything in beauty.  Beginning my blog with a nail post, like most girls we love to paint our nails on a weekly basis, unless your weird like me and decide to paint them every two days.
I love looking for many different colors, glitter and patterns it gives me such a thrill to have wonderful nails. 
Here are some nails I have been wearing lately for some inspiration

For years I have looked at inspiration on weheartit and tumblr and always wanted to create my own, who needs to pay to get your nails done when you can be as creative as you want at home!
A few of my favorite drugstore brands of nail polish are:
Barry m, Rimmel, Sally hansen, Essie and finally nails inc.
To me I feel all of those drugstore brands have the most pigment and you barley need much to create the perfect look.

This is the beginning of my nail and makeup blog, hopefully many more to come, so I can share my passion for beauty.



  1. sigh. your posts make me wish i didnt bite off all my nails :')

    follow for a follow back, lovely? :)

  2. These nails look so pretty!

  3. Love your blog! I love this post your nails look so pretty!