Thursday, 21 February 2013

This months wishlist!

Hey Guys!
Here is my monthly wishlist, starting in February  This month I have wanted sooo many things, but these are the main 4 I am dying to try and buy!

I have wanted this pallet ever since it came out, The neutral colors are so beautiful, and after using the naked pallet 1 for 2 years, this brand of eyeshadows have become a favorite of mine. I love how compact the packaging is and how pigmented and long lasting the product is. This is a must have for me, priced at £20, this amazing product is worth the money. Also it's sized enough perfect for your handbag!!

How amazing are these shoes? Jeffrey Campbell in my eyes make the most amazing heals, every girl can wish for. Such a classic colour with added studs, these would look perfect for a glam night out, date or even during the day. Priced at £153, these are great if you love your heals. You know you are getting amazing quality shoes. 

My love for Aztec lately is unreal, For years I have loved Aztec fashion and now I'm totally addicted to this bag! super cute and amazing quality, I would love to be wearing this bag this summer. Now usually I'm not sort of a backpack type of person, but I could defiantly see myself with this. Priced at a reasonable £30, this is totally worth the money!

Everybody is loving Michael Kors rose gold watches lately  and I for one are one of them. How pretty and elegant is this watch? I bought a cheaper dupe for £5 from Primark and it has done the job but I would love a real Michael Kors watch, a piece of luxury which in my mind will never go out of fashion and will always look amazing on your wrist. This watch is priced at £250, I think this is a reasonable price for rose gold and something you can always keep & treasure. 

I created my wishlist on where you can create yourself!

This is my months wishlist, Whats yours? 

Thanks for reading :) 


  1. I want some foxy heels too. My litas are so comfortable i can walk in them all day!!. The nake basic palette is awesome. Amazing pay off.
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    1. Same, My favorite pair of heals so far :)!
      thankyou, will do.

  2. Such a great post. I just recently found your blog and added myself to your list of Followers. Will you follow me back as well?

  3. Love this post!
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  4. Replies
    1. So perfect for many outfits :)
      thanks for reading!

  5. The watch is beautiful! :)

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    Let me know ^^

    - xo Supernat