Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Products I would never purchase again

Here are few beauty products that I have found highly disappointing and would never purchase again. These might work for some people but for me It was a complete waste of money.

Firstly, good old nail polish remover. I bought this when I was away for a week and was in desperate need in taking my chipped nail polish off. As this was the cheapest one I could find where I was, I thought it would just be as good as my 80p one at home. I hate this and so did my nails! Not only did it make them dry, but took at least half of the bottle to remove it.

Now this Instant shine dry conditioner looks like something good, I use this brand for my silver shampoo and realised after I picked this product up that it was a conditioner. This made my hair oily and greasy when I have naturally dry hair. I still have a full bottle of this and would probably never use it again. It did give my hair a boost of shine but not in a good way!

I purchased Clinique Clarifying lotion when I was suffering with a little acne on my chin. I wanted a skin care regime that would reduce the redness and oiliness on my skin. As advertised by the lady on the counter I thought I would give the 3 step plan a go. Since I received a sample as well as this, I used that up first to see whether I liked it. If anything I found this regime to break me out more than I did and again was a complete waste of money. However this does work for my mother so not always a waste.

Having going through a rough time, all I had done was cry. Not looking like I wanted to be makeup free all the time, I was in need of some waterproof mascara and something that wasn't too pricey. I came across this in Asda for around £2 and I think its the worst mascara I have ever used in my life, too make matters worse I picked up the colour brown which also looks silly on me, I can never seem to find a good drugstore waterproof mascara that gives great results. Any recommendations? :)

I wear lipstick everyday, so when I seen this product I could not resist buying. Long lasting wearable lipcote I thought was right up my street. I actually can't stand wearing this product, I have used this 3 times and the times I have used this I have experienced burning lips and then I usually get some sort of pimple, I wish I could love this product but it just aint for me.

Lastly the ever most popular stay matte powder by Rimmel. Anybody else hate this product? I have a very shiny forehead and chin and no matter how many times I have attempted to love this product, It never works. I am not the biggest fan with powder anyway but this made me look like I had a thick layer of makeup on.

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