Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Makeup brushes on a budget!

Having not had the best of everything and having to live on a tight budget, I have always looked out for the cheapest and best quality makeup products I could find, Here are a few I have picked up over the last year and I thought I would share.

Left to right.

Fraulein 3.8 Eyebrow brush
I received a set of makeup brushes from my boyfriend as a gift, this brush is from eBay in a set of 20 and cost around £9! I use this brush on a daily basis for my brows and it is my ultimate go to eye brush.

Fraulein 3.8 Flat brush 
I use this usually for my lid or under my brow, this is also from the set from eBay and it basically came with around 6 of these flat brushes in various sizes.

Megaga Professional blending brush 
If you are looking for a super cheap blending brush then this one is for you. This cost me around £3 again from eBay (yes you can tell I love eBay!) This is such a bargain brush, The wooden texture gives it a sturdy feel and the brush itself works a treat! Just as effective as a MAC or Crown brush.

Elf Blending Brush
Now I would not call this brush a blending brush, it feels more of a pencil brush. I adore this brush, Whilst not having a wide variety in brushes over the years, this has been useful for many things. Priced around £0.99 I would say this is the cheapest brush you can possible buy with the best quality.

M.Y.B Pencil Brush
Now can you guess where I purchased this brush from? ;) Yesss its eBay but I adore this brush! I payed around £3.99 so more expensive than the others but totally worth it. The quality is amazing and these brushes are long lasting so you get your moneys worth.

Fraunlein 3.8 Flat Brush
I use this everyday for my brows, this gives you the perfect shape brow and is super soft! Again from the set above.

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