Monday, 12 August 2013

Oral Hygiene | Teeth Whitening

I am forever changing the way I care for my teeth and gums, usually around every three months. 
Now I have found a stable routine which provides me great results, I thought I would share my thoughts on these products.

Aqua Fresh Extra Care
I have always been a Listerine gal, I never usually experimented with different mouthwashes, but having used it for a long time I was really not satisfied with the results I was getting, Not only did it literally BURN my mouth, I just preferred not to use anything. I picked up this Aqua Fresh Extra care mouthwash, As it was family friendly I knew that the product would not burn my mouth as it's for children and adults. Up to now I love this mouthwash, It gives me that fresh minty breath and I love how my teeth feel after using it. I use this twice a day after brushing and flossing.

Oral B 3D White Brilliance 
Although I should probably use a better toothpaste than just a whitening one, I find this gave me super white teeth within a week, without giving me that sensitivity. I love this product, This has to be the best whitening toothpaste I have purchased and I can see myself using this for a long time. 

Oral B Essential Floss
This is probably just your bog standard floss, it does the job by removing all food and dental plaque from your teeth, I love the size of this product as you can just throw it in your handbag big or small. I use this twice a day after brushing my teeth. 

Colgate toothbrush
Last but not least my trusty toothbrush, I have always used Colgate, not sure why but I have always found them to provide the best toothbrushes for a good price. This is medium density which I prefer. I also use a soft brush just in case my gums feel slightly sensitive. 

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