Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Lacura Beauty Concealer Pen Review

I love testing out new concealers all the time, Having used my Collection 2000 lasting perfection for ages, I decided to be more open minded and tried a even cheaper brand. I remember people comparing the Aldi Concealer pen to the Touché Éclat, I was easily please, especially knowing what a bargain this product was. 

Since I was near a Aldi this week, I decided to pop in and see what they had to offer. I seen that this concealer was around £3.59, absolute bargain for what I heard. Since they only had 3 shades I decided to get the lightest as I was mostly using this for highlight.
Another little bonus about this product is that it has not been tested on animals!

Firstly the packaging, it is basically the same as the YSL Touché Éclat but probably more cheap looking. At first it took a few attempts to actually get the product out as it's a clicky pen but once you get the hang of using the product, It only takes at least one click for you to get the amount of product you need to conceal.
I found the texture to be quite light when applied, you only need the slightest bit too so it saves! 
My only disappointment about this is that it dries too quickly before you get the chance to blend it in. A few times I have applied this as a highlight and it has dried before I had the chance to blend the product in, which is so annoying since the actual conceal itself lovely.

This concealer is not the best for coverage but its lovely if you are in need for a quick fix! I usually use this for a contour so under the eyes, chin, nose and forehead and it works great. This also lasts all day for me which comes in handy if your travelling or out and about all day.

I wouldn't say this is my ultimate favourite concealer but its something I will always have in my makeup collection. I would say this is on par with the Touché Éclat, if not better as your only paying a cheeky £3.59 woohoo!

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