Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Juice Detox Day 3

Finally on my third day of a liquid diet, I have learnt how to control my hunger and temptations woohooo!
Although I would love to have a slice of pizza, I am defiantly sticking to eating healthy after this detox, it has gave me that little boost as I can see great results within the 3 days, I even want to carry this on for an extra 2. This morning I had a early breakfast as I was heading out, so decided to make a juice based on what I had left over from the past 2 days. 

                                                         Recipe 1 | Breakfast : Fruit Juice
                                                                   1 Cup of strawberries
                                                                             1 kiwi
                                                                           1 banana
                                                                     Handful of spinach
                                                          2 scoops of 0% fat natural yogurt 
                                                                Half cup of orange juice 

This was actually very tasty, not as filling as the previous juices but I could have drank more than a pint!

For lunch I had the same soup as yesterday: 

Recipe 2 | Lunch : Curry Vegetable Soup
1 Onion
1 Sweet Potato
1 Carrot 
Handful of peas 
1 Yellow chili 
1 Red chili 
Tsp Ginger 
4 Cloves Of Garlic 
Curry Powder 
3 cherry tomatoes
Salt / Pepper

So far I have lost 5 pounds in weight & feel more energetic than usual. My mood has been slightly down but I suppose it's down to not having much food ;) I am defiantly going to stick to having juices for breakfast, I feel less bloated and better within myself. This is such a great detox too do and I will be doing this at least once a month!

Has anybody tried this detox? How is it going for you? 

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