Thursday, 18 July 2013

Bronzed Godess | Summer Tans

One thing I absolutely love about summer is the fact I can bronze away without looking like a idiot! Here are a few of my favourite tans that I have religiously used over the last year. After trying a bazillion ones I have settled on these. 

Garnier Body Summer body Tan - I got this in superdrug on sale for around £2, brilliant for the size of the bottle but since then I see it has gone up to around £7 :( I love this, it smells like fresh fruit & leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft. As this is a build up tan I use this everyday after my showers & baths, very hydrating!

ST. Moriz tanning mousse - Good old ST. Moriz eh! Trusty cheap tan which I have sworn by for years. I love this tan, I use it mostly the night before and leave it to develop overnight. The next day after a shower I have the most prettiest glow! I just keep topping it up every 3 days for a darker tan.

XEN - Tan - I first bought this tan around 4 years ago, after hearing the amazing reviews I had a cheeky go myself. I have used this make the longest and I think I will use it for many more years, it's fabulous!

Rimmel Sun Shimmer - I used to use this when I was 14, probably abused it the amount of bottles I went through. I did have my moments with this tan (pouring down rain and a streaky tan is not a good look) But this is great for a quick tan on a night out if I'm feeling very lazy!

What Tan's do you use? Any of the above?

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