Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Top 2013 beauty products so far!

This year I have been into beauty products more than ever, Not only am I not buying makeup for the sake of it, I'm actually giving products a try and using them alot more. Giving that it is only march, there is a big favorites selection.

 So here are my favorites of this year, Might not look alot but I have used these none stop. Sorry if some look dirty! Makeup can be very messy ha ha. I use these everyday, or carry these in a cosmetic bag.

Face products

These foundations are amazing, I mix both of them to get the perfect shade. I had always wanted to try Estee Lauder double wear but never had the guts to buy it for some reason! I had heard nothing but amazing reviews so I popped into my closest Debenhams and made a cheeky purchase. When I bought this foundation I had a good few layers of false tan on so I wanted the foundation to match my skin for when I'm bronzed. The colour I was matched too is 3N1 Ivory Beige 10. Now on my actual skin tone, this colour looks silly but Mixed with a little Rimmel Match Perfection foundation, It gives me the perfect shade. Now I was shopping around and found this foundation in b&m! Priced at £4.99 what a bargain! It gives you the perfect finish with an amazing glow.

I have been using these concealers for around a year now, and I wouldn't know what to do without them! The collection Lasting perfection gives you the amazing coverage you need, I use it for everything as it basically gives me a new face! I don't use the MAC Pro Longwear concealer for my face, This colour was matched way to light for my skin tone, so now I use it to shape my brows as its amazing coverage and super light.


 I LOVE my red lipsticks, I think I have too many. These are my ultimate favorites and I'm sad I'm reaching the bottom! The MAC lipstick is Russian Red and the Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick is shade 107. I love the contrast and I religiously carry these both with me at all times! These are the only red shades I have found have suited my skin tone and will defiantly be using these until I can!


Here I have my most trustworthy brushes, Real  techniques Buffing Brush and Blush Brush and Fraulein flat top brush. I use these every day, I love the quality so much, I don't know how I would cope without having these in my kit. I use the buffing brush for foundation, the blush brush for bronzer and my flat brush to shape under my brows.


Here are my most used eye products, You may have noticed there is no mascara and that is because I can never find one I really like, The amount I try is pointless :(
For years I used Avon for my eyeliners and they used to give me the most vibrant colour and were very long lasting, when they got discontinued I worked my way around boots and swatched as many to find a dupe to my old liner. I came across this soap and glory KOHL liner and it has to be the best cream eyeliner I have ever used. Mine is in the colour black and I can always rely on this to last me all day & night.
I use MAC eyebrow pencil in stud, I love a dark defined brow and this is perfect for creating that sharp groomed look. I bought collection 2000 Gel liner at Christmas and have used it nearly everyday, I found this to be the cheapest and best quality for money. Last but not least my HD Brow Kit in 'Bombshell' When I received this in my glossy box last year I was not fussed at all, the colours are not to my taste and did not work with my brows, giving it more time, I began using them as eyeshadows as they are quite neutral, now I use it everyday to give me abit of definition to my eyes.

Random Products

These are a few random beauty production which have been my ultimate fav. I use Nivea daily essentials oil free moisturising day cream, It is amazing. I use this every day & night and find my skin is always super soft and it smells amazing (bonus!) My HD Brows tweezers are a god send! They pluck the finer hairs out your brows and are the best tweezers I have ever used. Last is my favorite nail polish ever, Sally Hansen's 'The Sky's the limit' This is the most amazing blue, very pigmented and super cheap. If I ever fancy some colour to brighten me up I always stick this shade on.

Hope you liked my Favorite beauty products so far,
what are yours? :)

Thanks for reading

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