Thursday, 14 March 2013

Fearne Cotton Nail Polishes

Hey guys

For Christmas I had received a lovely nail polish set of my boyfriend, the brand is by Fearne Cotton, I never thought of trying her brand before as I found most celebrity beauty products were a big let down. This set came in a pack of 6 and was priced at £12, quite cheap as it works out at around £1.50 per polish...bargin! It had the most cute colours for the winter season and I was so happy to try!

So the set came with three beautiful warm colours, Sparkle ruby red, Sparkle Cranberry and a glossy Red. For me, Red is my Favorite colour to wear on my nails so you could imagine my excitement when I seen these beauty's in my stocking. Not only do I love the colours, I adore how pigmented they are, one or two coats and you get the most perfect finish. Although I was excited to try the glitter polishes, I always sigh when coming to remove the polish as it is such a big pain! Not with these though, a little nail polish remover and it comes straight off! Such a bonus for me as I am very impatient ha ha. I love how you can mix match these colours and they all go perfect together. If you are a fan of a quick on the go pigmented nail polish then these would be perfect for you.

The set also came with three deep colours. When I seen these colours I was not as excited as the red ones, the colours did not pop out at me but I gave all three a try and ended up loving them all! The Fern Green has to be my favorite! Again the pigment is amazing and these are such good quality for on the go, they take literally a minute to dry, something that appeals to me more than anything. These colours are perfect for winter and would look cute with a tan. The two glitter polishes are beautiful but very sheer, You would need at least 2-3 coats to get the full opaqueness. However, these would look super good on top of another polish to add extra sparkle. 

Have you tried these polishes yet?

thanks for reading :)


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